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Global Guidance helps you find the opportunities you didn’t know existed by matching you with universities that best fit your interests and goals. Global Guidance possesses excellent relationships with overseas universities and high commissions worldwide. That is why we can provide you with a seamless visa applying experience, enabling you to confidently study at the destination of your choice. With expertise across all countries, our team of highly experienced and well-qualified visa consultants guide you through complex preparation and submission of your visa application.

100+ Institutions available to choose the specific program that you are looking for.

10+ Platform Partners to provide the best and prompt service to our students.

5+ Exclusive Partners available to coordinate and smoothen the admission process

4 Global Offices available to support the students from different countries.

Let the possibilities find you

Global Guidance helps you find the opportunities you didn’t know existed by matching you with universities that best fit your interests and goals.

Ensure The Quality Applications

We pre-screen the quality of all the applications so they are qualified and complete.

Take Control of Your Process

From the registration to your visa approval, we will handle all the application process from A to Z.

We internationalize your staff

We fully on-board our team and yours for seamless work together.

Refusal Handling

we have handled so many refused visa applications and processed them successfully.

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Popular Countries

United Kingdom

The UK is globally renowned for its prestigious universities and rich academic traditions. With a diverse range of programs and a multicultural atmosphere.


Diversity and open-mindedness are the fabrics. This is the reason why thousands of international students have chosen to study here and make their permanent home.


Its high-quality education system, combined with breath-taking natural landscapes and a multicultural society, makes it an attractive destination for international students.

New Zealand

This breathtakingly beautiful island takes pride in the fact that all of its 8 universities constantly feature in the top 500 in the world universities rankings year on year.


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From London, UK

You have done exactly what you said you would from the begining with integrity and professionalism, which in turn gave us all confidence it would happen.

Nilushana Dissanayake

From London, UK

I really didn’t think this awesome career move would come so quickly. Huge Thanks to each of you. So Thankful for the way you supported me in making this dream real.

Mohamed Fowzi

From London, UK

I would highly appreciated their services to understand my correct pathway and build-up my career as I wish. Best of Luck.


From Nottingham, Canada

I highly recommended global guidance education consultancy for UK student visa process. because I have two refusal but they handled my documents very carefully. now I got a visa for UK.

Vigneshan Seshamany

From Bristol, UK

I highly recommend anyone to go through them and i'm you'll get a very personalized experience as they evaluate your case thoroughly and help you out with the best possible path.

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